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LP Lift off foaming Cleanser & brush KIT 60ml

Art.nr: L1057


Skummende rens og børste sammen i et kit som kan brukes på vippeextensions. Perfekt for utsalg i salongen til kunden. Gi beskjed om du ønsker at vi legger til vår etterbehandlings-brosjyre hvor alle våre salgsprodukter er presentert sammen med råd og spørsmål&svar om vippeextensions. Veil utpris: 395,-  denne holder veldig lenge da det er skum-konsistens. 


The EyelashDesign Company

The EyelashDesign Company

Founded in 2006 by director Beverly Piper, an internationally renowned beauty expert with over 25 years’ experience, The Eyelash Design Company has proudly gained a reputation for pioneering professional lash and brow treatments and innovative, cutting-edge lash, brow and eyecare beauty products

As a company, we have established a reputation based on excellence in customer service and training. Our commitment to research and development has led to market-leading innovations in lash and brow products and treatments, helping us to become a leading brand recognised internationally. Our success in the salon and retail sector has been mirrored in the global spa market where our team has developed eyelash and eyebrow treatment options to meet the growing demand for new express services.

We provide excellent eyelash extension courses, along with revolutionary training in eyebrow treatments under our fantastic brands - Lash Perfect, Brow Perfect Microblading and Hi Brow. We ensure that all our certified technicians are given the finest education, learning all there is to know to master our techniques so they can provide clients with perfect results. We offer a wide range of training courses, all at extremely competitive prices.